Welcome to Davies Tapes Online Product Database.
To find the right product for your needs we offer the following search engines. Any of these search engines will find the product you require with full specification sheets and upto date pricing. If you can't find the exact product you require please contact sales.

APPLICATION.GIF Application Search
If you are looking for a tape with a particular application - ie Carton Sealing Tapes. Click on 'Carton Sealing Tapes' you will be taken to another index where you have an option to click on what material you prefer to use for packaging - ie Polypropylene, Vinyl etc.

MATERIAL.GIF Material Search
If you are looking for a particular material - ie cloth. Click on 'Cloth Tapes' in the following index and all our cloth based materials will be displayed in two sections of single sided and double sided.

INDUSTRY.GIF Industry Search
If you are looking for a particular industry. Click on the following to take you to the applications and tapes used within that industry.

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