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Medium Tack Protection Tape (AT66)

Medium Tack Protection Tape enquiry

A conformable building grade PVC tape with a good tear and unwind characteristics for both hand and machine application. The special adhesive coating has low adhesion behaviour and strips cleanly and easily after application. This tape should be removed within two weeks of application. Applications; temporary indoor/outdoor protection of metal or hard wood surfaces during construction and painting/spraying work and polished metal surfaces during manufacturing processes.

Material: Pvc / Vinyl

Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape (AT501)

Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape enquiry

A scrim reinforced aluminium foil and draft paper laminate coated on the kraft side with a blue, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive, having excellent shear strength particularly at high temperature. The tape is backed with a strong polythene coated release paper. Applications; sealing joints in foil-face insulation, panels, pipe sections, etc. Sealing joints in metal ducting. Providing a fire retardant reflective vapour barrier.

Material: Aluminium

Surface Protection Tape (4128)

Surface Protection Tape enquiry

A mechanical and chemical resistant PVC tape coated with a low strength adhesive. 4128 is tear resistant, easy to remove without leaving residues and suitable for machine application. The storage time after application should not exceed one year. 4128 can be applied outdoor for a maximum duration of 3 months.

Material: Pvc / Vinyl

Translucent Blue PVC Low Tack Protection Tape (AT45)

Translucent Blue PVC Low Tack Protection Tape enquiry

A thin UV stabilised translucent blue PVC film coated with a low tack UV resistant adhesive. Applications; Temporary protection of stainless steel, anodised aluminium and bright material in an outdoor environment. This product is of particular interest to the automotive, name-plates, aircraft and white goods industries and also the construction industry.

Material: Pvc / Vinyl


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