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High-Temperature Masking Tape (50600)

High-Temperature Masking Tape enquiry

The TESA 50600 is a high-temperature masking tape featuring a green polyester backing with a silicone adhesive. The tape is easy to apply with temperature resisting up to 220°C/428°F(30min.).

Material: Polyester

High-Temperature Masking Tape (442)

High-Temperature Masking Tape enquiry

442 is a polyester film, single coated with a silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is resistant to components used in varnish dipping, epoxy resin coatings and adhesives; it can withstand long periods of heat up to 180ºC and short periods up to 200ºC for 20 minutes and its red colour enables easy splice identification.

Colours = Blue & Red.

Material: Polyester Film

Polyimide Silicone Tape (1801)

Polyimide Silicone Tape enquiry

A product based on Dupont Kapton film coated with a silicone adhesive. Polyimide has been used successfully up to temperatures of 400 degrees C and only begins to char at temperatures of above 800 degrees C. The film does not melt and is resistant to a wide range of solvents. The tape has remarkable dimensional stability and excellent physical and electrical properties over a wide temperature range (-80 degrees C to +370 degrees C). The tape can be used continuously at 180 degrees C and for short periods up to 370 degrees C. Application; 1801 is ideal for masking gold contacts and protecting plug-in connectors and switches during wave soldering. This product has been found to give a better performance than mechanical masks and other tapes. 1801 is suitable for most wave soldering.

Material: Polyimide


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