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Highly Transparent Adhesive Film (4206)

Highly Transparent Adhesive Film enquiry

This product is a highly transparent PP-foil and coated with a non-ageing, light-resistant adhesive mass. 4206 is characterised by smooth and low noise unwinding features. 4206 is universally used for packaging applications where high transparency and very good ageing stability are needed, mounting of litho films, label protection on chemical bottles, splicing of negative films.

Material: Polypropylene / Mopp

Polypropylene Ultra Clear Tape (1250)

Polypropylene Ultra Clear Tape enquiry

A transparent, crystal clear tape based on 0.030mm thick polypropylene film. This film is coated with an age resistant acrylic adhesive. The Tape has a low unwind force. Application; 1250 is particularly suitable as an overlaminating film for labels, prints, instructions etc. It is also used in narrow widths as a splicing medium and as a non-staining tape in the textile industry.

Material: Polypropylene / Mopp


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