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PVC Lane Marking Tape (Various Colours) (60760)

PVC Lane Marking Tape (Various Colours) enquiry

With the tesa 60760 marking tape, you are able to identify specific working areas with your choice of colour, mark out a games court in a gymnasium or you can alert others to stationary or mobile sources of danger. The robust, soft PVC adhesive tape comes equipped with a modified adhesive made from natural rubber, which ensures solid adhesion strength on the majority of surfaces. The abrasion-resistant marking tape or warning tape can be used without any complications, can be torn by hand and is available in the following colours: Yellow, blue, red, white, green, red and white and black and yellow.

Material: Pvc / Vinyl

Universal Cloth Tape with Plastic Coated Surface (4651)

Universal Cloth Tape with Plastic Coated Surface enquiry

This product has a high adhesion natural rubber adhesive coupled with a waterproof cloth backing. It is highly conformable and tear and abrasion resistant. 4651 sticks well to rough and irregular surfaces. The plastic coasted backing can be easily written on. 4651 is a cloth tape for a wide range of applications including; sealing of drilling holes and slots; marking of wires and cables; bundling, insulation and end wrapping of cables; fixing of wires in the automotive industry and of heavy paint masks; marking and sealing of export shipments; sealing of joints, tins and tubes; noise reduction; protection against friction; floor marking, colour coding and duct sealing; decorative trim on household appliances; carpet fixing at trade shows.

Material: Cloth


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