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Cloth Masking and Protection Tape (AT142)

Cloth Masking and Protection Tape enquiry

A close woven unbleached cloth with a white, acid-free, high tack pressure sensitive adhesive. Applications; Temporary protection of finished parts, drum sealing, jointing insulation materials, masking, shotblasting and painting. Masking and protection of ironwork in road surfacing. Specification; Certification to the following standards may be available on request. DEF.STAN.75-2/2.

Material: Cloth

General Purpose Economy Grade Crepe Paper Masking Tape (AT206)

General Purpose Economy Grade Crepe Paper Masking Tape enquiry

An economy grade, lightly creped paper with a rubber resin adhesive formulated for easy unwind. Applications; Temporary masking of indoor decorating projects, protection of most non-porous surfaces, draughting use, carton sealing and bundling. (avoid using on windows and areas exposed to strong sunlight). The tape should be removed as soon as possible after painting. Preferably within 2 hours of the application of the tape.

Material: Paper

High Performance Masking Tape (4318)

High Performance Masking Tape enquiry

A finely creped, flexible paper masking tape, especially suitable for water or solvent based paints followed by oven drying. Oven drying up to a temperature of 140 degrees C. Applications; final bandages of circuit boards, as well as anti-splintering protection of glass on the rear of mirrors, Paints and even critical filler systems adhere very well to the backing avoiding any kind of flaking, can be removed from rubber, glass and paint - even in cold conditions - without tearing or adhesive residues.

Material: Paper

Special Masking Tape for Sandblasting Applications (4432)

Special Masking Tape for Sandblasting Applications enquiry

A special masking tape with a tough, resistant stabilised paper backing and strong adhesive. Due to the resistant paper backing 4432 is suitable as a stencil material for sandblasting glass and stone; normal durability (6 sec./4 bar). 4432 is also used as a protection tape against splinters of glass and vehicle mirrors. Because of it's properties - a thin, smooth and flexible backing combined with a strong adhesion 4432 gives protection to anti-glare mirrors during rough polishing and at the same time protecting the reverse side of the mirror from damage.

Material: Paper


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