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Polypropylene Acrylate Tape (1201)

Polypropylene Acrylate Tape enquiry

This product is based on a transparent, polypropylene film coated with a cured acrylate adhesive. The film is moisture and chemical resistant and has excellent electrical properties, clarity and mechanical strength. The adhesive has extremely good long ageing characteristics and is resistant to ultra violet light and plasticisers. It has good chemical resistance to the majority of solvents and can be improved by further curing for 2 minutes at 120 degrees C. The adhesive is non oozing and has excellent shear resistance. Application; 1201 is suitable for use as a final wrap on wound electrical components. They cannot be supplied printed but can be printed in situ, generally by means of the ãHot foil_ printing method. 1201 is also widely used as a splicing medium in the printing and converting industries where good ãgrab_ is essential. The tape is also used as hinge in paper binding applications.

Material: Polypropylene / Mopp


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