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PVC Clear Tape (AT27)

PVC Clear Tape enquiry

A translucent PVC Electrical repair tape which is flame retardant, falling into the self extinguishing category. AT27 is stabilised against UV degradation. Application repair of polythene sheeting, splicing of continuous process films, eg polyethylene, PVC, etc. Repair and protection of documents, maps etc. A DIY product for self-invisible-invisible repairs. Specifications

Material: Pvc / Vinyl

White Rayon Tape (AT121)

White Rayon Tape enquiry

A close woven rayon cloth coated with a white, aggressive pressure-sensitive, rubber-based adhesive. Application; holding and securing applications within the electrical industry. Transformer and coil winding. Packaging, drum and keg sealing, binding tennis racquets, hockey sticks, and general internal protection work. Veterinary work in general binding and strapping. Specification; Certification to the following standards may be available on request.,

Material: Cloth


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