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Electrical insulation tape is used to cover cables, wires and other materials that conduct electricity for safety. Insulation tapes come in a range of widths for various applications along with a wide variety of colours for accurate coding of wires for safety purposes. You can find all the details about colour coding, as well as many other information on insulation tapes, in our Electrical Insulation Tapes Guide.

All Weather Electrical PVC - Tape (AT77)

All Weather Electrical PVC - Tape enquiry

A PVC tape, which has excellent conformability and high elongation at break, and is coated with an aggressive rubber resin adhesive that has good ageing characteristics. Applications; Loom harnessing, masking in plating processes, prevention of electrolytic corrosion in dissimilar metals, general thermal insulation work. Outside electrical insulation where extreme temperatures are involved. Specification; Certification to the following standards may be available on request., UL.510, BS3924 31/90 Tp, BS3887:1991 and IEC 454-3-1.

Colours: Black

Material: Pvc / Vinyl

Coloured Plasticized PVC Insulating Tape (4163)

Coloured Plasticized PVC Insulating Tape enquiry

An exceptionally flexible insulating tape made of plasticized PVC and has the following properties; 9 different colours, contains no cadmium, ozone-proof, very abrasion resistant, resistant to ageing and weathering, largely indifferent to plasticizers from cable and conductor insulations, unwinds evenly.

Material: Pvc / Vinyl

Conductive Aluminium Tape (4386)

Conductive Aluminium Tape enquiry

Consists of a high tensile aluminium foil coated with a super conductive adhesive. The adhesive is protected by a release liner. This foil accepts solder easily and is designed to meet a wide variety of EMI/RFI applications. Applications; shielding of active components, shielding of cables and connectors, grounding of electrical equipment, static charge draining.

Material: Aluminium

Polyester Electrical Tape (1601/2)

Polyester Electrical Tape enquiry

These tapes aremanufactured from transparent polyester film coated with a silicone polymer adhesive. They have excellent insulating properties and high temperature stability. The adhesive on 1601 is blue transparent whilst the adhesive on 1602 is plain transparent. Application; These tapes are ideal for use in the construction of electrical components. They are used as a masking medium for gold plated contacts in peb manufacture and as a stopping-off barrier in chemical etching applications. The high temperature resistance of these tapes enables them to be used in varnish dipping, epoxy resin coating and bonding. The silicone adhesive makes the tapes also suitable for splicing other siliconised materials such as paper or film.

Material: Polyester

Polythene Self Amalgamating Tape (AT85)

Polythene Self Amalgamating Tape enquiry

This product is based on non-adhesive polyethylene. It is tough and very elastic with high water and ozone resistance and can be applied easily. It has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals including alkalis, hydraulic fluids and vegetable oils and has a very high dielectric strength. AT85 has an easily removed interleave. Applications insulating terminations and joints between such materials as butyl rubber, PVC polyethylene, EPR and oil based rubbers of power cables rated up to 35 kV. Repair and insulation of trailing cables.

Material: Polythene

PVC Electrical Tape (AT7)

PVC Electrical Tape enquiry

PVC Electrical Insulation tape, flame retardant/self extinguishing. Offers good conformability. Applications; wire and cable insulation, colour coding of electrical cables, loom harnessing, stopping off in plating, prevention of electrolytic corrosion, packaging applications, drum or tube sealing. A full range of colours are available.

Material: Pvc / Vinyl

PVC Electrical Tape - VDE Grade (AT74)

PVC Electrical Tape - VDE Grade enquiry

Pressure sensitive insulating tape, based on plasticised PVC film, with good high temperature ageing properties, and is flame retardant/self extinguishing. Applications; loom harnessing wire and cable insulation, particularly for applications involving elevated temperature, limit temperature 105 degrees C.

Material: Pvc / Vinyl


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